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Important Message To Our Patrons: We have suspended all antique furniture and accessory sales effective immediately. Most of the inventory appearing on our website has been sold and we are unsure at this juncture what the future holds for us as a true antique furniture dealer. Both our physical and virtual store sales have been trending downward since the mid 2000's and we are frankly now at a level that no longer makes it economically viable to continue to market our products in this fashion. We are not alone in this respect as many other antique dealers have met similar fates. The marketplace has been flooded with old furniture pieces that are not antiques and new furniture which has been finished to look old at prices that are very often lower than what we must pay to buy genuine antiques and then of course there is the expense of refurbishing or restoring them. At the same time, personal tastes appear to be changing. The investment aspect of a true antique through appreciation rather than the typical depreciaition suffered by other furniture, no longer seems to be a prime factor in the buying motives of the majority of furniture buyers. The old adage that wealth is built by accumulating things that appreciate not depreciate is one that has perhaps been replaced by thinking that focuses on a much shorter perspective. Our hearts are simply not into the prospect of changing our product mix to meet this new trend in furniture demand and while we are sure that a market for true antique furniture continues to exist albeit at a reduced level, our locale and the internet are no longer the vehicles they once were for success. We are disappointed to say the least because we really enjoyed the hunt for great antique pieces, the restoration work and the beauty of the final product we sold. We took pride in that endeavor and experienced great satisfaction through the many wonderful customers who supported us throughout the years. We cannot thank them enough.


Our Goals

Our goals are to offer beautiful American antique furniture that is ready to be displayed, enjoyed and admired and to provide professional wood furniture repair that exceeds customer expectations.

Inventory Overview

We focus on appealing and hard to find country and primitive American antique furniture in pine, walnut, and cherry from the early to mid 1800's.

Our inventory can include antique dining room furniture, antique bedroom furniture, and antique kitchen furniture, as well as an ever changing assortment of antique tables, chests, dressers, cabinets, commodes, occasional tables of all sorts and sizes, chairs, blanket chests, bookcases and desks. We sell antique pine furniture, antique walnut furniture, as well as antique cherry, antique chestnut and antique oak furniture. Furniture categories include: antique furniture from the Victorian era, antique country furniture, antique primitive furniture, painted antique furniture, all in a variety of styles and periods such as Federal, Country, Eastlake, Classical, Empire, Rococo and Renaissance Revival. Our accessories often include a variety of Toleware, various metal ware items, coffee grinders, mirrors, lamps and an assortment of other unique and tasteful collectible items that compliment our antique furniture selection. So if you love true antiques, don't have the time or inclination to search everywhere for the right piece and fix it up, and don't want to spend your children's inheritance (but rather add to it), we may be the store for you.

About Our Website

To Take a Closer Look: If you are interested in taking a closer look at our antiques, scroll to the top or bottom of this page to the buttons above and the underlined words below to: Product Catalog and then click. The Product Catalog Page will display a list of antiques we offer by category; next scroll to the underlined individual product categories (e.g. Dining Tables) and again click. This action will take you to a list of the antique products in the category you selected. Of course if its professional repair that you desire, simply click on the button at the top or underlined words at the bottom of most pages that read: Expert Repair by ReCrafters.

 A Little Bit About The Product Pages: Browse through each of our individual antique offerings. The list includes thumbnail photos which you can click on to enlarge, a detailed description of the item with additional photos (e.g. Image 2, etc. which you may click on to open) and the price. In the Description area, we provide a brief description of the piece, its approximate age as near and as accurately as we can determine (we will usually err here on the newer side, but in any event, we do not guarantee a pieces age) and its dimensions in inches (we round most fractions up to the next quarter inch). To look at other antiques, simply go back to the Product Catalog page and click again on the antique category that you wish to visit next. We do leave antique pieces we have sold on the site for awhile, but we move them to our Antiques We Have Sold page. Since we are small we thought this might provide people with a better feel for the type and quality of the antiques we sell and have sold. What you want may not be in our inventory presently, but it could soon as we are always looking and trying to add more quality pieces to our store. You may also wish to view our Coming Inventory Items page. It includes descriptions of pieces that we have in storage but are not yet ready for display.

Questions and How To Buy: If you are interested in knowing more about Tredwood and ReCrafters, how we got started, what to expect, click on the button on top or the underlined words at the bottom that read: About Us on any page. If you have any questions or wish to talk with us, or if you are ready to buy, click on the button at the top or the underlined words at the bottom that read: Delivery, Ordering, Contact Us  on most pages. Everything you should need to know is there. In any event, enjoy the website. Your constructive comments are always appreciated. Just click on the following e-mail address and tell us what you think (be kind). Many thanks for visiting and come back anytime to check our newest offerings.


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